Zoom Legislative Meetings

Now that we are pretty much settled into remote operations as an institution, it's imperative to share guidelines on how our Legislative Meetings will be administered. A link to each meeting, as well as registration information will be posted on the Council's website by the second business day before the meeting. Here are the guidelines:

Only members/officers and key support staff will be permitted to actively participate in the meeting. All other attendees will be audience members and may watch the proceedings live.

  • The Chairman will convene the meeting and the Secretary will guide the technical aspects of the platform.

  • Members/Officers will be asked to mute themselves throughout the event.

  • Once recognized, Members/Officers will unmute themselves and will be requested to re-mute thereafter.

  • To be recognized to speak, Members should use the electronic hand raising feature of Zoom. The Secretary will alert the Members of the request and will lower a Member’s hand once recognized.

  • Upon request, a member will be recognized to speak for three (3) minutes on the first round and two (2) minutes on the second round. A timer, which is visible to members, will record time. A chime will be activated to alert the end of the round.

  • A roll call vote will be taken for each measure unless so directed by the Chairman.

  • Members/Officers must use the audio and video feature of the platform.

  • Regular breaks will be scheduled throughout the meeting.

All non-members/non-officers will be audience members. Audience members can see and hear the meeting only.

  • An instruction memo for joining the meeting will be published on the Council's website.

  • For internet security reasons, all staff and public will be required to register (by entering an email address and name) before they can join the meeting.

  • The meeting will be locked after a quorum is determined. If unable to join early, please view the meeting via on of the alternative avenues listed below.

  • The meeting will be available via the following additional avenues: live streamed on the Council’s Facebook page; live streamed on the OCTFME’s website, and live broadcasted via the District Council Channel (Channel 13).

  • The Council’s website and various Council social media outlets will be updated with instructions for the public to join the meeting.

A recording of the meeting will be posted on the Council website once available (about 24 hours after).

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