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Hearing Technology Framework

The Office of the Secretary submitted this framework for Council consideration on September 13, 2022. Here's the intro statement and plan may be accessed by clicking this link.

While Councilmembers have various roles and responsibilities at the Council and in the community, the Council’s core mission is to make laws for the District. As such, the legislative process should be open and accessible with an eye toward ensuring that residents can participate and engage with legislators. Technology plays a critical role in the civic engagement process and as we transition to what appears to be a permanent hybrid environment it is important to strengthen our processes and fine tune our tools to meet this goal.
Our top priority is to find ways to make it easier for the public to participate and engage in our work. In addition to your request for recommendations for streamlining and unifying available tools, we reviewed the technology presently deployed in addition to the processes presently in place. We surveyed Council offices to elicit information regarding individual practices and preferences. And lastly, we reviewed national state legislative data on the processes and tools deployed by other legislatures toward the same goal. Below you will find our recommendations.

Technology Framework for CP 25
Download PDF • 198KB

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