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Updated Zoom instructions for hearings/meetings (including interpretation advice)

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Below you will find some guidance on using Zoom for your hearings/meetings.

In 2020 when we first transitioned to virtual hearings, I compiled the attached document for committees. Most of the info is still relevant to assist you with convening your hearings and meetings.

The most important point is that you must ensure that you are using the most current version of the Zoom client because many features are only available on the most current version of the platform.

Zoom Instructions for Committees
Download PDF • 2.55MB

To ensure a successful event with a consistent and compliant feed for cable tv
  • Please send a witness list and an agenda a day ahead (even if it is not 100% complete). All the data contained in the witness list and agenda must be manually typed into Cable TV's feed so as much advanced notice is appreciated.

  • Sign on to your event at least 1-hour before the hearing. This allows cable and SSD to test all feeds, cameras, and audio operations.

    • 45mins before check of CGs/graphics are loaded in, names correctly reflect witness list (if a name is not on the list, it will not be keyed).

    • 15mins before re-test audio and confirm all equipment is in proper operating order.

  • Make sure rooms follow Council tracks for live broadcast.

    • Track A - Room 500

    • Track B - Room 412

    • Track C - Room 123

    • Track D - Room 120

  • Make sure your Zoom layout is in speaker view for automatic switching of active participants. If there may be a special presentation or ASL interpreter, please ensure that the primary participant is "pinned" towards the top of the screen as not to conflict with on-air graphics.

To broadcast on cable tv and stream on the Council's website

Please invite to your webinar or meeting the following:

1. Bisola Walker - bwalker [at]

2. Please invite the following room addresses based on the room in which your event is scheduled to be held:

3. For hybrid events (i.e. some witnesses will be in person at the Wilson Building while others will be virtual), please integrate the official timer to ensure that the virtual timer and the in-person timer are the same. Please invite the following timers based on the room in which your event is scheduled to be held:

Room 500 - dccouncil.timer.rm500 [at]

Room 412 - dccouncil.timer.rm412 [at]

Room 120 - dccouncil.timer.rm120 [at]

Room 123 - dccouncil.timer.rm123 [at]

To provide accessible hearings and meetings

When providing language or ASL interpretation, we strongly recommend that you share with the intended audience that interpretation services are best accessed by participating in the hearing or meeting via the Zoom platform.

Because of our technical configuration at the Wilson Building, we are not able to successfully offer language nor ASL interpretation in a hybrid manner. As such, neither the live broadcast via our website or cable tv, nor the playback recording successfully captures language or ASL interpretation for the viewer. Given this challenge, we recommend that these services be available and accessed via audience attendance on the Zoom platform.

If your event involves language translation services, please use the webinar format AND enable the language channel feature as you are scheduling your meeting. This feature cannot be enabled once the meeting has been set-up in Zoom.

For ASL interpretation services, please ensure that the host view is selected to "gallery view" and be sure to pin the interpreter(s); this will ensure that any viewer can access the interpretation services. Additionally, if you multi-stream to social media, these settings will allow viewers via social media to also access the interpretation.

When deciding on the time block needed for the accommodation, please allow for enough time for witness testimony and Q&A so that we don’t run out of contracted service time before your witness accommodation can be executed. When developing your witness list, please try to, as much as possible, place any witnesses needing language services toward the front of the witness list to maximize time for the accommodation.

Reminder – please provide at least five (5) business days' notice of your request for interpretation services. We cannot guaranty services with shorter notice.

Below is a list of short videos on how-to’s in Zoom.

The Starting Point

· Upgrade to the latest version of Zoom. Here’s a video:

· Security essentials. Here’s a video:

Fundamentals for Joining and Participating in a Meeting

· Basic in-meeting features. Here’s a video:

· Testing audio and video settings on your computer. Here’s a video:

· Chatting and emojis while in a meeting. Here’s a video:

· Pin a speaker in your view only of the meeting: Here’s a video:

· Layout and display customization. Here’s a video:

Managing a Webinar For the Host/Co-Host

· Screen sharing. Here’s a video:

· Spotlight a speaker for everyone (only host or co-host): Here’s a video:

· Invitations and Registrations. Here’s video:

· Emailing your attendees (an automated function). Here’s a video:

· Managing panelists and attendees. Here’s a video:

Super Cool / Advanced Features

Slides as a Virtual Background. Here’s a video:

Create an Immersive View with Pre-Set Backgrounds or Add Your Own. Here’s a video:

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