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Goodbye to in-person filing ... for good!

As you may recall, we recently revamped and relaunch our Legislative Information Management System (LIMS). One major reason for my excitement about new LIMS is its companion electronic filing module. You heard me right ….

After years of having to visit the Office of the Secretary to file your measures, you can now do so from the comfort of your home or office.

Once we return to in-person operations I know we will miss seeing your faces and visiting with you, but I believe you will enjoy the efficiency and transparency that this system brings.

The e-filing module is cloud-based and should be accessible from anywhere after you receive your invitation and complete your registration. You can file bills and resolutions; committee reports; hearing/roundtable notices; hearing/roundtable records. Electronic filing via the LIMS e-filing module will replace in person filing permanently.

The module is pretty intuitive and below are user guides for your reference. Each main office will receive one account and each committee will receive two accounts.

Download P • 1.03MB
Download • 848KB
Download PD • 844KB

We look forward to hearing from you (or not because things will go so well😁).

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