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2023 Winter Recess Deadlines for the Executive

Below are filing guidelines related to the Council's upcoming recess.

Winter recess begins on December 23rd and the next business day will be January 2nd. Legislation may not be filed during recess.
The first Legislative Meeting in the new year will be January 9th.

Contracts may be filed by 4pm on December 21st. The count will start on December 22nd and continue to run through recess. Contracts must be complete and accurate for the filing to be accepted to begin the review period on December 22nd. Any contracts filed after the deadline will be rejected and will require re-filing in January.

Reprogrammings and GBMs may be filed by 4pm on December 7th. The count will start on December 8th and will be deemed approved on December 22nd. Any reprogrammings or GBMs filed during the period of December 8th - 22nd will be deemed approved in January 2024 because recess tolls the review period.

Please file all measures via LIMS e-filing portal at

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