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Legislative Meeting Filing Deadlines

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

The following deadlines apply to regularly scheduled Legislative Meetings (i.e. the meetings that you find on the annual meeting schedule and usually occur on the first Tuesday of the month).

If the Chairman decides to convene an Additional Meeting, the agenda is at his discretion. Once the agenda for an Additional Meeting is circulated, no measure may be added for consideration except an emergency/temporary measure with the written approval of a majority of members. If you want your measures to be ripe for agenda consideration, please file by noon on the third business day before the meeting.

Noon on the 3rd business day before a Legislative Meeting

Requests for a legislative meetings do not need to be filed but must be timely circulated. The following requests should be email circulated to all members and staff in memo form:

  • Requests to move emergency legislation, including [draft] copies of accompanying legislation. Emergency contract approval legislation at the request of the Executive must be filed in the Office of the Secretary by cob on the 4th business day before a Legislative Meeting.

  • Requests for waivers of Rule 231(c). Committee reports must have been timely filed.

  • Notices of measures filed pursuant to Rule 339. Committee reports must have been timely filed.

  • Notices of new business.

10:00 a.m. on the business day before a Legislative Meeting
  • All properly filed introductions to be added to the Secretary's Log of Introductions (i.e. to be officially referred).

  • All legislation must be filed via LIMS e-Filing portal in both Word and PDF formats.

Noon on the business day before a Legislative Meeting
  • Notices of Amendments in the Nature of a Substitute and accompanying ANS (a redlined version of the ANS and notice must be circulated to all members and staff). Please file a combined PDF document with the notice and the ANS via LIMS e-Filing portal at and email circulate to members and staff.

  • Final (signed) copies of emergency legislation. Please file Word and PDF versions via the LIMS e-filing portal at Please circulate to members and staff.

  • All emergency legislation and all amendments must be accompanied by a Fiscal Impact Statement and a Legal Sufficiency Statement. Given the dynamics of central staff teleworking, amendments not filed by the stated deadline may not give staff adequate time and notice to provide these statements.

  • Ceremonial resolutions. Please file via the LIMS e-filing portal. Presentation copies are available upon request. Please submit your request to Wayne Gray ( by noon on Mondays and printed signed copies will be returned to the requesting office on Fridays. At the time of the request, the full text of the resolution must shared with Wayne Gray. Only Council-approved resolutions with a designated "ACR" number will be signed.

6:00 p.m. on the business day before a Legislative Meeting
  • Final copies of all amendments. Please file via LIMS e-filing at and email to all members and staff.

  • Timely filed amendments will be available in LIMS and the final version of the agenda. This will provide notice to the public of the intended action.

  • There will be no introductions from the dais. Introductions may be e-filed with the Office of the Secretary via the LIMS e-filing portal at

  • All filed legislation must include the introducing member(s) signature at time of filing. Signatures must be clear and legible and in blue or black ink only. The primary introducer of a measure is indicated by the signature on the top right-hand corner.

  • All introductions must include a Word and PDF version of the document.

  • You may track the approval process of your introduction via the LIMS e-filing dashboard.

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