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Reserving spots for Fall events

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Please see the below instructions for reserving slots for hearings, roundtables and mark-ups.

For the period of September 8th through December 22nd there are a total of 192 possible event slots. Each committee has a maximum of 16 3-hour slots available. 

All reservations can be viewed on the shared Outlook calendar by selecting Room 500.

  • We offer scheduling in 3-hour slots. As a courtesy to your colleagues please only reserve the time actually expected given the content of your event.

  • Events will be broadcast on Cable TV (and recorded) from 9am to 6pm ONLY.

  • Coverage and staffing is based on the time slots reserved. Last minute extensions will not be permitted.

  • Each committee will have the option of securing slots individually or consecutively.

  • Contact Jamaine Taylor to select your date and time slot.

  • Jamaine will hold the event on the calendar.

  • The committee has 48-hours to file a notice; thereafter holds will be released.

  • Hearing and roundtable notices should include conferencing platform links and/or registration links.

  • Once a notice is properly filed via LIMS e-filing, we will schedule the event on the calendar.

  • Calendar invitations will be sent to OCTFME and Council IT (as well as anyone else signed up for invitations).

  • Committees will be responsible for scheduling their events on their conference platform of choice.

  • Committees will be responsible for administering their events.

  • Committees will be required to send a meeting link (preferably as a calendar invitation) to Maurice Reed (Maurice.reed (at)

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