It's a wrap - No more Congressional transmittals in 2020

It's a wrap ... call it quits .... that's it .... pack it up ... etc., etc., etc.!!!!

Today was our last Congressional transmittal for 2020. Today's set of 26 measures may or may not clear Congressional review. But we took a chance and transmitted anyway. Who knows, stranger things have happened in 2020 so I'm pushing our collective luck.

According to the published calendars, there are less than 30 Congressional-review days left in the session year before both chambers adjourn sine die. previous presidential election years the Senate has extended their session beyond the stated calendar so I'm rolling the dice in hopes that this year will be no different. If they extend their session and work right up to Christmas, and then again right up to New Year's Eve, then we may be a-okay! But, if they stick to the published calendar or slack off and not work all the way through the holidays, like us, then we will start all over in the new session year.

Because there are not enough scheduled review days you will notice that LIMS does not project a law date for 26 of the 31 measures currently under Congressional review. There are only 5 measures currently under Congressional review that will become law before the end of 2020 (below's the Congressional Review report for your reference). That said, please pay close attention to the next EA Report to ensure that there are no gaps in legal authority while we await measures under Congressional review.

As a reminder about other actions/requirements related to the end of the Council Period, please see this post.

Congressional Review Nov 5 2020
Download XLSX • 21KB

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