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UPDATED!!!!!!! Congressional transmittals delayed .... again (sigh)

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

We have now secured a contact in VP Harris' office so we are back on track. Measures will be transmitted on February 1st!!!

2021 is shaping up to be just as intriguing as 2020 in many respects. This is true for our largely mundane (and in my opinion, ridiculous) process of transmitting legislation for Congressional review. Our pre-COVID process for transmittals was one not many payed attention to. Council staff, specifically our SSD/LSD team, would trek down to Congress to hand deliver packages to both House and Senate leadership. Unfortunately, we cannot transmit electronically, nor by snail-mail, so our staff were regulars walking the halls on the hill.

COVID-19 bestowed us a challenge in physically transmitting because we were no longer permitted to visit the Congress to hand deliver. Shortly after COVID restrictions were in place, we were easily able to coordinate transmitting our measures to the House. Conversely, after a bit of wrangling, we were able to secure a live person in the VPOTUS' office to meet our staff to receive our transmittals. So for the past 7 or so months, we have arranged to meet staff outside the Capitol on the grounds of the Congressional campus to deliver our legislation.

Given the contentious and un-collaborative transition of power between the outgoing and incoming administrations, it was impossible to get a contact in the VP's office toward the end of 2020. Optimistically, we hoped that once the election was certified there would be some certainty and settling in the Senate which would give us new contacts in the new VP's Office. Then January 6th unfolded. It has since been impossible to get any where near Congress.

As of today, our contact at the House has agreed to drive to meet us off campus to receive our packages but we still have no contacts in the VP's Office. Once we can secure a person willing and able to meet us to receive our legislation, we will transmit all 50+ pieces of legislation.

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